Kuria not the only Moses to torment Uhuru in Gatundu South; the Gatundu “kidnap” saga

The events unfolding in Gatundu South between president Uhuru Kenyatta and his ally turned bitter critic Moses Kuria, may very well be a case of history repeating itself. Something similar happened a while back, and this incident was not only the first time that Uhuru lost an election, but also lost the seat that formerly belonged to his father; Gatundu South.

It was a murky ordeal that, for the first time, brought out the internal wrangles and blood feuds within the Kenyatta family, and in the eye of the storm was a previously obscure politician known as Moses Muihia.

Ngengi Muigai is the son of James Muigai, Jomo Kenyatta’s only brother who he raised like a son after their mother, Wambui died. James Muigai went on to have a good education and an illustrious career in the Civil Service.

In 1997, when Uhuru decided to first try his hand in politics, Ngengi was completely opposed to his then young cousin joining politics. However, what completely ruined relations between the two camps is that instead of solving the standoff as a family, Ngengi turned the fallout into a public spectacle, supporting Uhuru’s opponent, Moses Muihia.

Things got dirty when Muihia’s camp devised a plan to stage a kidnap and blame it on Uhuru’s family and the government. On the morning of the election, news was quickly and effectively disseminated that Muihia had been kidnapped by people allied to Uhuru and the government. To make the hoax more believable, some people scooped blood from a slaughter house and poured it on the banks of River Thiririka which is a few meters from Gatundu town, then plunged a car in the water. This was staged to create the impression of a bloody scuffle.

Although Muihia has since admitted that there had been no kidnap, and he was simply in hiding, this made Uhuru lose the seat.

In recent times, Moses Kuria has been engaged in a one-sided verbal war against the president, with the latter largely ignoring him.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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