Outright rebellion! Labour CS Samson Chelugui warns government in abrupt outburst

Amidst rumours in some sections of the media that there’s an impending mass walkout from the government by allies of the deputy president, and spearheaded by five unnamed Cabinet Secretaries, Labour CS Samson Chelugui has given the strongest hint of this. His latest remarks have not only raised the possibility of this happening, but have also increased the likelihood that he indeed might, as a matter of fact, be among the 5 mystery CSs.

Although Chelugui happens to be the CS for Labour, he surprisingly waded into a field totally unrelated to his portfolio, and proceeded to give the same government he is serving in, a lengthy lecture.

He spoke about the issue of Karindich Dam in Baringo, warning the government not to attempt changing the contractor of the dam without first clearing with the Italian government.

In a strong message unexpected from a cabinet member, Chelugui further warned that trying to unilaterally change the contractor midway would lead to problems with the Italian government, and see the country compromise its sovereignty over small issues.
Construction of the Sh1.8 billion Kirandich Water Dam Phase II project in Kabarnet, Baringo county stalled early last year over alleged Sh270 million owed to the contractor.

The 1.4 million cubic meters Italian-funded dam was first established in 1994 and its treatment and piping plant was planned to commence immediately.

There were also plans to construct a modern Kabarnet town sewerage system to at Sh700 million, which has also stalled.

Works resumed in April 2019 but were put on hold indefinitely in November of the same year.

The dam’s completion had been expected to be of great relief to residents in Kabarnet town, Kituro, Kapropita, Kaptorokwo, Kabasis, Kapkut, Kiboino, Tenges and Kabartonjo who have had to shoulder the burden of water shortage.

The area lawmaker Joshua Kandie has in the past decried the situation, saying that owing to the delay in completion of the dam his office has had to fund sinking of boreholes, do piping and connect water meter boxes so people have access to clean water.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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