Omari; poor Uhuru is surrounded by profiteers cashing in on his blunders!

Prominent city lawyer Danstan Omari has now come out to claim that of all the legal advisors surrounding the president, there is none who is of serious standing, or of distinguished stature, and that the lonesome figure of the president has been resigned to a cabal of dangerous and selfish legal advisors who are hell-bent on profiteering from the instability and uncertainty that the president’s misguided decisions are taking.

Danstan Omari was speaking on Citizen Radio’s morning show hosted by Vincent Ateya alongside his co-host, Melody Sinzore, this past week.

Without going deeper into details about who precisely these profiteers are, and how exactly they are cashing in on the president’s blunders, he went on to downplay the roles that are supposed to be played by people such as the Attorney General Paul Kihara, and the Solicitor General, Kennedy Ogeto, and maintained that the president was probably oblivious to the fact that his blunders could be coming in handy for some of those around him.

Worth noting is that the Solicitor General, Kennedy Ogeto has served the president in his private capacity as his private lawyer. It is not known whether Uhuru Kenyatta continues to procure his services presently.
Officially, the Solicitor General represents the government, and as a matter of fact, is representing the State against the High Court ruling in the BBI case appeal.

Before his appointment as Solicitor General in 2018, Ogeto was the Managing Partner of the law firm of Ogetto, Otachi and Company advocates based in Nairobi.

Ogetto has considerable experience in International and Municipal Law with his law firm specializing in the former where it represented Sierra Leone and Rwanda in international courts.

Between 2013 and 2014, Ogeto was involved in the Defence Team that represented President Uhuru and other reputable defendants in the case against them at the International Criminal Court, the Hague, Netherlands.

Ogetto was also involved in the Supreme Court petition challenging the election of Uhuru as President of Kenya in 2013.

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