Mashrima Kapombe tells off Raburu on air for inappropriate message

The lovely and adorable Citizen TV news presenter Mashrima Kapombe is one jovial girl who is always giggling, and appears to have a permanent smile on her face. For this reason, it is difficult to imagine that the polite girl from the coastal region can ever lash out at someone, much less tell them off. It was perhaps with this in mind that her loud and boisterous colleague at Royal Media Services, Willis Raburu, perhaps decided to try and push her limits, probably as part of his playful edgy theatrics. However, the reaction that this elicited could never have been imagined from Raburu himself, much less the viewers.


It all unfolded on Mashrima Kapombe’s weekly segment called Longa Longa which she hosts every Friday alongside her two weekly guests, Nuru Hassan and Munene Nyaga. The word of the day was Kinamasi, and as usual, after combing the streets to find if anyone could figure out the meaning of the word, Mashrima began reading answers that viewers had sent in from home.


She read a couple of comments from viewers, most of whom had just sent hilarious messages that weren’t really making a serious effort at solving the puzzle. Midway through the comments, Mashrima quickly noted that Willis Raburu was not only also watching, but had in fact also sent in feedback.


However, when she was just halfway through the comment, she paused and stopped reading it altogether. When she resumed talking to the camera once again, she said while smiling, but with resolve in her voice that if Raburu was so intent on playing games then longa Longa was not the appropriate venue for that. She casually suggested that perhaps he waits until ten o’clock when his show, Ten Over Ten, begins, for him to play games.

It is worth noting that Raburu refers to Mashrima Kapombe as Mashrima Kadrink.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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