Kenyans still in the dark over BBI appeal date as a confused media gives two different dates

A whole day since the Court of Appeal president gave a date on which commencement of the hearing of the Constitutional Amendment Bill appeal will kick off, the country still doesn’t know for sure the date that was set.

In a bizarre and puzzling case of confusion, different sections of the media each reported different dates, and now half of the country believes that the proceedings will begin on June 23rd while the rest believe it will begin on 29th.

In the most extreme of the confusion, The Standard gave both dates, one version saying that the case will begin on 29th while their other version quote judge Musinga as saying that the hearings will commence of 23rd.

Following yesterday’s case management conference by the Court of Appeal, which was headed by the Court’s new president Daniel Musinga, it was widely reported that the Appeal Court president set the commencement date of the hearings on June 23rd.

In actuality, while the Judge did in fact give the aforementioned date, he only gave it as a tentative date, and went out of his way to emphasize this fact, making it clear that the date was tentative and subject to changes anytime.

He said: “The earliest we can begin the proceedings is around June 23. It is however not a specific date, please bear that in mind.” The Standard reported.

The Nation, and others, have reported that the commencement date is 29th.

The court will shortly give directions on how the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) appeal case will be heard.

A three-judge bench comprising Justices Daniel Musinga, Roselyn Nambuye and Hannah Okwengu is expected to determine the viability of hearing the appeals, length of submissions filed and amount of time required for parties to prepare and exchange submissions.

There are currently four applications before court challenging the nullification of the Constitutional Amendment Bill, 2020 by the High Court in May.
All parties, represented by a myriad of lawyers, appeared before the three judges to bring to light some of the issues in the appeals before proceeding to a hearing.

The issue of time was a major contention as parties requested a specific number of days to prepare and submit their responses.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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