Kimani Ngunjiri; “I am independent mind”!!

As the country is still struggling to come to terms with the sad news of colourful and comical former Kibwezi member of parliament Kalembe Ndile who was famously known for his struggles with the English language, Bahati MP Onesmus Kimani Ngunjiri might have just inadvertently paid homage to him in the most memorable way with quite an unusual English statement of his own.

The controversial politician was struggling to explain himself out of a tight spot in regard to his vote on the floor of parliament concerning the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2020 vote.

During the vote, the MP who had previously swore to oppose the Bill to his last breath took everyone by surprise when he made an unexpected turnaround, Instead ending up voting in favour.

However, yesterday, on Citizen TV’s morning show Daybreak which was hosted by Sam Gituku, the MP sought to clarify issues. He made it clear that while he indeed might have voted yes for the Bill in direct contravention of his faction’s wishes, he didn’t do so with an aim to betray Deputy President William Ruto. He said that he only did so because he is “Independent mind”, perhaps intending to mean that he’s independent minded.

Launching a jibe aimed at Igembe North legislator and Kieleweke stalwart Maoka Maore who was also in the show, he proceeded to say that he felt sorry for anyone who thought that by voting yes he was announcing a plan to walk out on Ruto. He went ahead to further reiterate his faith in the DP and belief in the hustler narrative, saying that the only reason he voted yes is because he felt that the proposals in the BBI favoured his constituents, and on top of that, he received information that most of the people in his constituency wanted him to vote yes.

Further displaying his resolve to stick with the Deputy President, he dared all those who were thinking of presenting a motion of no confidence against him to try and they would realise that the numbers which supported the BBI Bill shouldn’t be taken to mean dislike for Ruto.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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