How sly Kenyan detectives were able to outsmart and nab suspected American con woman


With no extradition treaty with the USA, and Kenya being a pale and weak country in the presence of a Superpower such as the United States of America, Kenyan detectives had to think long and hard about how exactly they were going to get their hands on Stacey Marie Parker Blake, an American who had allegedly left in her wake countless Kenyan victims that had fallen prey to her reportedly fraudulent antics.
It was a case that had even gotten the attention of DCI Head, George Kinoti.


According to DCI boss George Kinoti, all those interested in the deal were to register their personal details such as full names, M-Pesa account details and phone numbers.


Kinoti said unsuspecting Kenyans downloaded the fraudulent application she offered in their hundreds, registered and made their deposits. Some even referred their family members and friends.


What the Kenya police finally decided to do is play possum. They didn’t request the American government to extradite her, neither did they even wave an arrest warrant. They avoided doing anything that was going to startle her and get her antennae alert. This would have caused her to avoid Kenya. Instead they pretended to be sitting ducks, giving the impression that it was business as usual.


Amazingly, the strategy worked. A clueless Stacey arrived at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, not knowing she was on the police radar.

Stacey Marie Parker Blake, 50, the Director Behavioural Health Services, Amerigroup Texas, was nabbed on Friday immediately she alighted from a plane from the US and is expected to be arraigned in court to answer to fraud charges linked to a scheme known as Amazon Web Worker.

Amazon Web Worker is an online application where people were tricked into investing millions with a promise that they would get huge returns.
In the US, Blake, who according to Kenyan detectives was found in possession of Sh50 million in her account, is a celebrated counsellor, who sees patients with Gender identity, marriage counseling, spirituality and religion.


According to CareDash, Blake has been an active counsellor, who specialises on guilt and shame and such conditions.


On CareDash, patients can search for doctors by name, specialty or location. They can also view doctors’ ratings and reviews from other patients.

“For new and existing patients, please see recommendations on how to schedule an appointment with Stacey Parker-Blake online.
As a counsellor, she may specialise in Mental Illness and Guilt and Shame, in addition to other conditions,” a statement on her CareDash reads.


Sources from the US said the mother of two, and who is married to Everard Jimmy Blake, leads a lavish lifestyle.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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