Kenyans opt God over new Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga teenage girls controversy

Reports over the weekend surfaced that just hours after the enthronement of National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi as spokesman of the Kikuyu elders council in Murang’a at the Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga shrine, two local young teenage girls of the area who also happen to attend Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga Secondary School went missing and haven’t been spotted since.

The girls who are reported to have disappeared on 23rd of May after being lastly seen on the fateful Sunday at a Church in Gakuyu were identified as sisters Mercy Waithera and Clarin Njeri.

Nevertheless, even as news of the strange and upsetting disappearance made headlines, Kenyans across social media resisted the temptation to draw connections between the disappearance and the preceding rites that were performed in the area hours to the girls going missing.

In many parts of Africa, it is common that when a traditional ceremony that entails performing rites and conducting rituals takes place, sacrifices are offered. Whenever a ceremony carrying the significance of installing e community’s spokesman such as was witnessed the other weekend, there are always fears that human sacrifices, more so of young virgin girls, may be offered.

Nevertheless, even as reports of the girls’ disappearance spread, Kenyans opted for heaven divinity, instead turning to God for help in tracing the lost souls.

On Citizen TV’s Facebook post of the incident, one Facebook user by the name Alex Lutomia commented, “God help their parents”. Another one going by Erastus Ereng’ simply quipped, “Mungu Awalinde”. As more and more Kenyans continued offering support to the distraught family of the girls, less and less Kenyans attempted to make an outright connection between the disappearance and the enthronement ceremony.

Josephine Mulei commented saying, ”Tunawaombea but mkiwapata mtujulishe mliwapata wapi”, while Dolphine Nyabuto said in a post, “Woiye Mungu awaonekanie mahali wako” simply meaning, poor girls, and may God come through for them wherever they are.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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