Awkward moment expected when Uhuru launches Uhuru Market next to empty spot of Mohamud Bashir

It has now been weeks since the abduction and subsequent murder of Somali-American businessman Mohamud Bashir Mohammed, and while the discovery of his body later on in a Kirinyaga County level five hospital’s mortuary raised more questions than answers, the full impact of his death will be felt when president Uhuru Kenyatta launches the Uhuru Market in Kisumu.

Protocol demands that when the guest of honour, or whoever it is that has been tasked with commissioning a project, picks the scissors to cut the ribbon and officially launch the complete project, the contractor of the project should be standing next to him, explaining and pointing out a few minor details of the project before them.

However, this will not be possible. Uhuru Market’s contractor was the slain Somali-American businessman Mohamud Bashir.

As things are for the moment, the launch of the market will witnesses very awkward scenes. Where Mohamud Bashir should have been standing next to Uhuru will be an empty spot, or at best, someone else will stand in for the late Bashir, something that will raise bitter memories for the grieving family.

Bashir’s body was found in Mid May on the banks of River Nyamidi in Kirinyaga County. It had deep panga cut wounds in the head and two bullet wounds on the head. Blood was also oozing from the mouth and nose.
Earlier on, he had been seen at Miale Lounge in Lavington, where CCTV footage caught him making conversation with the personnel of the establishment, before he disappeared later on, never to be seen again alive.

It is suspected that after he left the establishment, his car was blocked by another vehicle and he was supposedly blocked, forced into the other vehicle and driven off to an unknown location. He allegedly tried to speak to his wife on the phone but the call was interrupted and from that point onwards, he couldn’t be reached.

It is suspected that it was his abductors who cut short his call and probably confiscated his phone.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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