Blackmail on live TV; Moses Kuria meets his march- ”Don’t make me mention the hotel”

Gatundu South member of parliament Moses Kuria is widely known as a ferocious politician who has never walked away from a fight, so when KTN’s Sophia Wanuna announced that she would be hosting him alongside Peter Kagwanja, most felt sorry for the academic. Moses Kuria had been blasting the recent coronation of National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi which was convened by Kagwanja, and so almost everyone feared for Kagwanja, that Kuria was going to bite off his head.


However, as it turned out, the professor who had been considered the meek panelist by everyone, ended up chewing the feisty tanga tanga MP to everyone’s disbelief.

The dramatic scenes unfolded on KTN’s political show Crossfire which was hosted by Sophia Wanuna. Kieni legislator Kanini Kega was joining the other two virtually.


The interview had began on a tense note, with the two men in the studio pulling in opposite directions concerning a range of political topics. However, things appeared to get out of control when they got to the topic Justin Muturi, and his enthronement.


Kuria charged at Kagwanja, declaring that the entire ceremony was not only meaningless but also fraudulent. He went ahead to mention the names of two elders who he said hail from the same rural area that he does back in Gatundu.

He then revealed that the two were brothers, and wondered how it could be the case that siblings could serve in a council of elders. Before Kagwanja could respond, Kuria said that the entire ceremony was a big con game that only involved commercial elders who were paid to pause as legit elders.


It was at this point that Kagwanja threatened Kuria in coded language that only the two could understand.
”The only commercial elders that exist are those ones who hide uniforms in the boots of their vehicles. Do not make me even mention the hotel involved. I might end up ruining people’s businesses here”


One couldn’t make tail or head of uniforms in a boot, and a hotel, but it was clear that Kuria got the message. After this he fell silent and didn’t even dare speak back at Kagwanja.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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