Epic media fail! Wanuna looks on as Murathe spews despicable offensive vitriol on Mwaura’s disability

Yesterday night marked one of the most shameful incidents of media apathy, if not complicity.

Top CNN Presenter Anderson Cooper is famously remembered for stopping Donald Trump right in his tracks and respectfully telling him that whatever he was saying was inaccurate, and didn’t make much sense. Even locally, Linda Ogutu once went head to head with Babu Owino in a dramatic on-air confrontation, refusing to allow the controversial member of parliament to use her show as a platform to throw unpalatable barbs at others.


KTN top presenter and host of the station’s weekly political show “Crossfire”, Sophia Wanuna, nevertheless displayed shocking disinterest, if not lack of journalistic responsibility, as she looked on without saying anything while Jubilee party vice-chair, the controversial David Murathe, made light of Isaac Mwaura’s disability.

All this unfolded on her show “Crossfire” where she was interviewing the Jubilee vice-chair, and Mathira MP, Rigathi Gachagua.


Rigathi had just criticised the Jubilee party administrators, blaming them for cracking down on not only members but also minority groups such as women and disabled people. He wondered why the party had drawn a long list of women leaders who had been lined up for expulsion from the party, and accused Murathe of being insensitive and merciless in the cruel way he had gone after Mwaura, making sure he lost his senatorial seat simply because he had misspoken at an event.

When Murathe responded, he said that somebody’s skin colour and pigmentation wasn’t sufficient ground to qualify him or her as a disabled person. He pointed out that there is nothing that he, Murathe, can do which Isaac Mwaura cannot do. For that reason, he declared that Isaac Mwaura is not really a disabled person.

Through all this, Sophia Wanuna remained silent, looking on as Murathe went ahead to even say that they would work on a Bill that will create an act redefining what passes for disability and what doesn’t.

Contrary to Murathe’s claims, Albinism isn’t a skin disease, and their bodies aren’t as healthy as normal bodies.


Albinism is a congenital disorder characterized in humans by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes. Albinism is associated with a number of vision defects, such as photophobia, nystagmus, and amblyopia. Lack of skin pigmentation makes for more susceptibility to sunburn. It can also lead to lung problems and easy bleeding.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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