Kaparo; Orengo’s irresponsible speech at Raila’s Dad’s funeral almost got us killed

Coming at a time when controversial former Ugenya member of parliament and current Siaya County Senator James Orengo has been accused of flaming divisive politics due to his potentially inflammatory rhetoric, former National Assembly Speaker Francis Ole Kaparo has now added a new twist to the whole debate by revealing some disturbing and previously unknown information about Orengo.

The former Laikipia North member of parliament says that back in 1994 after the death of the then leader of Ford Kenya and father to Raila Odinga, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, he, and a group of other leaders from KANU decided to attend the funeral which was held in Bondo, Siaya County.

At the time, Kaparo was not only the Speaker, but also one of the most noticeable leaders in KANU. His entourage also comprised of others who included a number of legislators from the National Assembly.

Ole Kaparo was speaking on KTN’s weekly show, when he made the revelations.
A visibly distraught Kaparo recalled with dismay, the events that unfolded that day.

He said that during the ceremony, Orengo was invited to speak as not only one of Jaramogi’s comrades in the fight for multi-partism, but also as a local leader, and member of Ford Kenya. Without going deep into further details, Kaparo simply said that Orengo issued a speech that was, in his words, quite “irresponsible”.

He said that Orengo’s address was so inflammatory and inciting that it left the euphoric crowd charged up.

Kaparo said as the event came to an end, the situation was so unmanageable that simply just leaving the venue became a tall order. The crowd had become very unruly and was literally baying for our blood, recalled Kaparo. He says that although finally they were able to escape safely, they only did so narrowly, and by the skin of their teeth.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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