Media wars; Nation top presenter takes a shot at Royal Media Services over Prof. Hamo’s firing

The whole hullaballoo surrounding the recent dismissal of popular comedian Professor Hamo from Hot 96 following a paternity row with fellow comedian Jemutai doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to ending. In fact the feud seems to have escalated, from boy-child defenders versus feminists, to now media houses throwing shade at each other.


Unlike in the US, beefs between media houses in Kenya are rare, and the only memorable such clash is back when S.K Macharia famously had a falling out with Patrick Quarcoo. At the time, Radio Africa had accused Royal Media Services of tampering with some of its equipment, thus causing disruption.


On Friday’s The Trend show, an unveiling was taking place. Popular DJ Samiflinch was announcing on the show his new gig that started yesterday, and will be airing every Sunday at 10 PM on ntv.

The Trend was hosted by Anto neosoul who was standing in for Amina. Amina was taking a break to celebrate Idd.

Anto neosoul, already deep into the interview with Samiflinch, brought up a rather cheeky topic. A chat was recently shared of an actress, Cate Wambui, claiming that she had gotten married to Samiflinch, and so Anto neosoul sought to know what exactly was going on, and whether they were really married.


Although Samiflinch made it clear that far from being married they weren’t even dating, and that it was all a big joke, Anto neosoul continued prodding, and later concluded that though Samiflinch may really not be married, he was a baby daddy to countless children.


He finished his teasing by telling Samiflinch not to take him too seriously, and that the only reason he was being so tough on him was because at ntv, they were an equal opportunity company, and they give everyone a chance to give their side of the story, instead of simply firing someone just because a lady somewhere had complained of someone being a deadbeat.

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Written by Joshua Wanga


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