Martha Karua blasts BBI, attacking Uhuru and defending Raila from the Bill’s excesses

In what appears to be a sign of Martha Karua’s latest strategy that might involve diluting BBI but behind Raila’s back, Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua veered off her blanket criticism of the BBI and its proponents, and instead, adopted a more targeted and selective criticism of the Bill’s supporters.

After outlining a raft of components within the Bill which she termed as unconstitutional and also retrogressive, she then went ahead to state that even if the Bill itself had contained progressive and necessary changes within it, the modalities that have been employed to push it through are themselves exclusionary, and unconstitutional as well.

The former Justice Minister during the Kibaki regime was speaking when she appeared on Good morning Kenya, on KBC. The show was hosted by Victor Oloo.
Appearing on the show virtually, the Narc Kenya leader then drew lessons from the failed Okoa Kenya referendum bid by CORD.

She said that although the bid had eventually ended in failure, and efforts to have a referendum had not been fruitful, the push was an exceptional model on how the exercise of amending the Constitution through Popular Initiative should be carried out.

Drawing contrasts from the current referendum push christened the Building Bridges Initiative, Martha Karua said that what Uhuru Kenyatta’s government was doing by using state resources and personnel to push through Constitutional Amendment

recommendations was unlawful. Sighting the Okoa Kenya process, she said that a legit referendum push is one that is done by means of personal resources, and using civilian support to coordinate and roll out all the logistical exercises.

Making reference to the incident in Western Kenya when a tanga tanga allied team led by Bonny Khalwale and Benjamin Washiali were prevented from conducting a rally yet a pro-BBI team was allowed to hold theirs just a few KMs away from them, she said that this was a blatant show of government’s propensity for authoritarianism.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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