Jubilee wash dirty linen in public, exposing past underhanded tactics they used against other parties

As the Juja by-election draws closer to a showdown tomorrow at the ballot, the fallout between Jubilee and a former member of the party has resulted in one side exposing the other, and the accused side alleging that this has always been the case, and shouldn’t turn into a problem now.


People’s Empowerment Party candidate, George Koimburi, has had a major fallout with Jubilee ever since decamping from the party after Jubilee decided to hand the party’s nomination ticket for the upcoming by-election to Susan Njeri Waititu, the widow of Hon. Waititu who succumbed to cancer, occasioning the by-election.


Koimburi, one of the strong aspirants, claimed he has been receiving threatening calls from anonymous phone numbers and that he believes some people have been contracted to monitor his every move.

Addressing the press in Ruiru town, he alleged some people were tracking him down since he defected from Jubilee. He called on the government to provide him with security to quell the fears.

“All I’m requesting is the government to provide me with security because I believe my life is in danger. Some strange people have been following me since I defected” Koimburi said.


However, things have since escalated to a different level, with information being offered to DCI which accuses Koimburi of forging academic papers. Koimburi has blamed his woes on Jubilee, wondering why he was cleared to contest before if he wasn’t really qualified.

“A candidate by the name of Ndungu George Koimburi did not register nor sit the year 1994 KCSE examination at the Ekalakala Secondary School under index 62001/013,” said part of a letter signed by Knec acting CEO Mercy Karogo filed in court.

She said in the letter to the DCI dated April 12 that the purported copy of 1994 KCSE examination certificate presented to KNEC for authentication was not genuine.

Jkuat Registrar of Academic Affairs Dr Esther Muoria said in a letter dated March 22 there were no records showing Koimburi received the papers from the institution.


If any of either side’s assertions are true, then it would mean that Jubilee was knowingly subjecting its opponents in the opposition to unqualified candidates.[0]=AT1NjWeQPO3WII_70jRg-czegLIFDIDX-LkZdChzhV131Tp2Vuu9pudaRYDHy6XPqMmYaRhZDusavJQeyXDuVCdUaY3v85kWDDmB_RmB-T0UO6GgF1zOFl8om9F4aLnyi-Ump_B7yF6u2M3IUrm_0cc7pSaXrJH5BjGQ5NbCna_0hVV2sKFqQl60rp9oRvZo1eviwv8T

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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