Murathe discloses they already secretly expelled Veronica Maina, clearing the way for Omanga’s removal

There has been one stumbling block for the Jubilee party which has been standing in the way of them expelling rebel nominated senator Millicent Omanga, and that stumbling block goes by the name Veronica Maina.

However, during an interview yesterday, Jubilee party vice-chairman David Murathe revealed that they, through a campaign that has been largely kept away from the media, have already successfully expelled Veronica from Jubilee. This, in essence means, the way has now been paved for the removal of Millicent Omanga as a nominated senator.

Murathe was speaking on KTN’s NewsNight which was hosted by Ken Mijungu yesterday evening.

The way through which Veronica Maina became so entangled in the Jubilee melee and became such a headache for the party is almost comical and amusing.

Section 37(1) of the Elections Acts allows IEBC to re-allocate a seat belonging to an expelled Member of Parliament or County Assemblies to the next person of the same gender on the party list.

At the 2017 election, in the Senate, Jubilee gave a list of 20 names – 16 Women, two persons with disability (one male and one female) and two youths (one male and one female).

Four on the list facing the axe were picked from the 16 women while the fifth was from the youth list.

The five, (Millicent Omanga, Falhada Iman, Jillo Waqo, Victor Prengei and Mary Seneta.), if finally removed, would be replaced by the next four on the list who are Caroline Daudi, Jelagat Kamuren, Beatrice Gambo who are all listed as business ladies and former Jubilee vice-chair Veronica Maina.

Through a combination of these factors, a situation that resembled a Shakespearean comedy unfolded.

It now turned out that if Millicent Omanga was to be removed, then the person to replace her was going to be Veronica Maina. Veronica, however, has since become such a staunch supporter of the DP, that she has even gotten a post in UDA’s Secretariat.

Removing Omanga, thus meant, bringing on board an even more fierce rebel. However, with her removal from the party, that problem now appears solved.[0]=AT3Qq-qHj3mGjP4gQ16BF3ZIonm6dhzXWH8e79OdXFOj7pRU7RmtXIOXqP9NkCI6NXfNzgydOFXuxf4YwZh4IZAwxAEA_qUpSDarkG3BjZ0Cum8M4Aw4opD7dY9jvyw_j6jRbvPxiR9ZlWBc2adqDop-AHAuZm9iA1tbjDtzFmL1nf2ooHnlS9K9bR1FLHpfCDm4pRuk

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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