Vocal Tanga Tanga MP responds to controversies surrounding his academic and work records as DCI officers moves in

Kimili Member of Parliament Didmus Barasa came out responding to allegations questioning his academic qualifications and service at the Kenya defense forces rising to the rank of an army captain.

This is after details emerged of the legislator being on the DCI radar over his former job and a further question on his academic qualifications in his CV while seeking to be a member of parliament.

The Member of Parliament was reported by the people Daily in their piece titled “Is Didmus Barasa ex-army captain or a masquerade?” captioning him as a serial liar, after ascertain that what is captured in his resume are pure lies.

Speaking at a presser while responding to the allegations Barasa said that he contested against the learned in the last general elections and trounced them all.

He added that he has exemplary record in developmental projects with 16 schools build under his name.

“There is a newspaper that reported that I am not a professor and that I am not that learned. When I was looking for votes, did I say I am a learned fellow?” he posed.

“I competed against very learned fellows in the last elections but I trounced them all. I have done much more developments and built at least 16 schools,” he added.

This is after the MP wrote on his National assembly’s official website identifying himself as an ex-army captain who served in the Military for 6 years.

Records however indicate Barasa served in the army though, but not for six years and left the service under dubious means after being arrested and tried at the court of martial.

On their account, EACC through their spokesman Yassin Amaro confirmed that “We are trying to ascertain the claims. There are lots of doubts over his title of captain that detectives are at the moment trying to establish if it is true that he served in the military in that rank.”  

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    Written by Fred Orido




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