Jennifer Wambua’s murder suspect likely to walk free after incredible statement from DCI

Peter Mwangi Njenga alias Ole Sankale has, over the years, walked in and out of correctional facilities as if they were a playground for him, and if the latest statement from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations is anything to go by, then the case against him may once again falter, as he walks away freely.


Peter Mwangi Njenga was arrested as the prime suspect in the death of Jennifer Wambua who was the deputy director of communications in the National Lands Commission. She went missing from Ardhi House on March 12, only to be found dead, and her body dumped in Ngong Forest on March 15.


While briefing the media following his arrest, the DCI mentioned something which sounded very uninformed, not to mention ignorant.


In January 15, 2003, Peter Mwangi Njenga was convicted and sentenced to death at Kibera Senior Resident’s Magistrate Court.


However, as it turned out, Mwangi and his co-accused appealed against the ruling and on 17th November 2005, Judges Lessit and Makhandia overturned the ruling by the Kibera Senior Resident’s Magistrate Court, and released Mwangi.

They said that Mwangi’s arrest rested on his identification by a witness, but the witness’s positive identification wasn’t corroborated by anyone or anything else.


But while briefing the media, the DCI officer didn’t appear to know this. In connection to Mwangi’s arrest and conviction in 2003, he said,

“How he won his freedom remains a mystery, which the [DCI] detectives are currently engaged in demystifying”

This is the clearest indication so far of an ill-prepared prosecution that is ignorant of facts concerning their main suspect, and events that may be useful for them when arguing in front of a court.


A while back, there had been a spectacular row between the DPP and DCI over which cases to prosecute and which ones not to, with the DPP declining to prosecute some cases brought to it by the DCI, sighting poor investigative work that was going to lead to weak cases.[0]=AT3daU0DZTbr1DiJaLau-1TdiXVC2QiF3TdcRjc_ieuNWTN9AvaP-CnHC_O-NRHbQyUerce5GHjDLCpi1d9X5oBZnj-ryh13_p9ra1lWOMzXFpkT0rNCgbW9xMeiDYeZ2qGEAlsX0OYkObXRgM-eLb5c9CAY2GokULXK5Fv4XN478fY6OZhbhKabkrF_sKDlz6no4ZQa

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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