Creepy coincidence; another man also slit throat by a partner also named Anne Waithera, still in Kiambu


Every so often there occurs incidents which are so strange, that one wonders if it’s just a freaky coincidence, or maybe some names are cursed. What has happened in Kiambu frighteningly mirrors Denzel Washington’s supernatural thriller movie “Fallen” about a single demon that possesses a particular set of people.


Late last month in Gitaru area, Kiambu, a young woman called Anne Waithera, popularly known as Dolly, allegedly stabbed her boyfriend, Kelvin Kamami, who ran an electronics repair shop in the town following a disagreement whose cause is yet to be ascertained.

It is reported that she stabbed him and slit his throat, inflicting injuries which killed him.

She has been in the headlines, and her story reached climax when she finally handed herself over to the police after about a week on the run.


Now, however, strange details are emerging of an incident that happened in 2019. Not only is it just as horrific, but shares unbelievable similarities to Dolly’s case.

In the same County, a man fell victim to a woman going by the same name, and the mode of killing was the same.

In February 2019, a court of appeal upheld a death sentence pronounced upon a woman named Anne Waithera Macharia and five others, after finding her guilty of the murder of her husband David Macharia on June 12th 2004.


It was found that David Macharia went to milk his cows at Kamae in Lari division, Kiambu County. However, he was never to return to his house alive.


The murderous gang led by Anne Waithera lay in wait for him, and ambushed him. They killed him by slashing his neck with a panga, wrapped the body in blankets , stashed it in two sacks, tied boulders around it and threw it at a waterfall deep in a forest.


Judges Philip Waki, Roselyn Nambuye and Patrick Kiage at the time observed that;

when marriage and family become a mortal peril for spouses, and children kill their parents without blinking, something of our humanity is lost and the law must be deployed and enforced to express our collective horror, revulsion and outrage.”

“It is for such cold-hearted killers that the penalty of death was legislated and for whom the courts must declare it. The same was properly imposed and we have no reason to disturb it. We confirm and uphold it.”

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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