Ashley Mazuri’s blunder proves the common stereotype; presenters read whatever is on the teleprompter.

There’s a very offensive belief about TV presenters, and unfortunately, the beautiful Ashley Mazuri might just have proven it to be true.

It is often said that presenters will read whatever is on the teleprompter, and even if the scripting was to be of her confessing to a murder that took place across town the previous day, she would just keep on reading, oblivious of what she was implicating herself in.

Of course, back in the day when we had News Editors also coming on board to take viewers through the news, bigshots like Catherine Kasavuli and Beatrice Marshall could easily detect an error in the script, stop reading it immediately, and go impromptu, reading the news off the top of their heads.

All is not lost, however. We continue to have some smart anchors such as Yvonne Okwara who can easily detect erroneous scripting, and wouldn’t be caught dead reading out a clearly misleading script.

Nevertheless, on Friday, KTN’s Ashley Mazuri appeared to lend credence to this stereotype after reading a script that would have been funny if it wasn’t so sad and embarrassing.

It was in the aftermath of the BBI vote, and Ashley was reporting on the results of the poll that had been held in the house. She read that the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2020 had been passed by parliament unanimously.

This was of course not right. A unanimous decision is that which everyone was in agreement, with no single dissenting person. Figures from parliament show that it was a divided vote, with 235 members supporting, while 83 members opposed.

However, what was curious was that, immediately after reporting that the vote had been unanimous, she then went ahead to give figures of how each faction had voted, and the abstentions too. This stark contradiction left it debatable whether the St. Paul’s Limuru University graduate even knew the meaning of unanimous to begin with.[0]=AT355ApXO555N8P1ePxMVd-iDEco7Iw_2uE6yia8KtorwQVqS0Bkaslrei_YSY8u0PP2VPlZHSn_jCoRW3F29_taBQZAwooL5VMnGwX9NtVYeEzidu6R1Ayh2asFrlxmR-I5q1YaqdVMkMRaZZ1hxga3cxCvFpgfkFlSv0JQne6WC2ipBDWZ6Ew8UrcPWiFkJB-HDEXt

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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