The most shocking and unexpected MP of all that betrayed Ruto during BBI vote

Although it is the big names such as Kimani Ngunjiri, David Sankok and Khatib Mwashetani who, after their supposed betrayal of the Deputy President, have been left reverberating in the shocking echo that remains in the wake of the unequivocal BBI win, there’s a particular member of parliament whose yes vote will have a particular sting for DP Ruto because of a myriad of reasons.


While still on the onset, it is worth noting that the surprises which were witnessed in the BBI vote came from only one side of the political divide; the tanga tanga side. It now appears that the President and the former Prime Minister did an excellent job of whipping their MPs into submission. Even the couple of MPs within their camps who had shown slight signs of dissent at some point such as Otiende Amollo, David Ochieng and Gideon Konchella towed the line when the moment of reckoning arrived.


Of the MPs allied to the DP who supported the BBI Bill, the single one whose vote sent shockwaves everywhere is Feisal Bader.


The is the single MP who, it can be said, owes his parliamentary seat to DP Ruto. The amount of time, resources and machinery that the DP poured to ensure that he not only won, but also shocked ODM’s Omar Boga, can’t be overemphasised.


In the Msambweni by-election which was occasioned by the death of Suleiman Dori and subsequently thrust Feisal Bader to parliament, the Deputy President threw his weight fully behind Feisal despite the fact that he was an independent candidate.

His well oiled campaign machinery resembled a gubernatorial race and included heavyweights like Mwashetani, Aisha Jumwa and even the governor, Salim Mvurya.


It was thus quite unexpected, not to mention shocking, that barely months in parliament, Feisal would do such an about turn.[0]=AT3wDOF2tdedSP1Nmarlrgwvp_zh1hNy8stV7mXjKMhpvCKOblluKNyHTr53mThhvHeLXnBChKaoxofhoRh1M0hTe3XcZ70Z8Eez96iR0B6QuL3Lgv5cskIedtELuMmpHxhr_VJUl2I08PQ3Qmybc1W_NTFe6S4_HMkE7c8-1T-nc04Zc__0QHjbIi7Kc_Qfc0pydjO9

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Written by Joshua Wanga


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  1. Amid the confusion and paradoxes reigning in Uthamakistan, an urgent need for the Kikuyu people to assuage their collective guilt is also quietly at play. Businessman Ndiritu Kanyoni told me that Kikuyus want to vote for Ruto because it would ostensibly “right” the “wrong” of being the only community that doesn’t vote for those who are not from their own ethnic group. “They want, for the first time, to prove to the other ethnic communities that they indeed can vote for a non-Kikuyu,” said Kanyoni. “The guilt of being seen as the most tribalistic people when it comes to voting for the president has been gnawing at them. Voting for Ruto will, in their view, assuage that guilt.”

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