How Uhuru unknowingly helped a young murder suspect escape police dragnet

In a murderous and bloody story of a man that allegedly died in the hands of his cold-blooded girlfriend, and which the media has sadly decided to largely ignore, the president found himself an unwilling participant in the turn of events, and in the direction the case took over the space of about one week.

It all started on 28 April, in Gitaru area, Kiambu County. 23 year old Anne Waithera, popularly known as Dolly to her friends, reportedly embarked on a heinous and unsettling plot.

Anne’s late boyfriend was called Kelvin Kamami, and he ran an electronics repair shop in Kiambu. Following a disagreement whose cause is yet to be fully ascertained, a brief fight erupted, according to witnesses who were within earshot.

It appears Kelvin stood no chance. Within the short commotion, Kelvin had already been killed.

In a cold, disturbing and calculated move, Anne Waithera, just fresh from stabbing Kelvin Kamami to death, calmly told a concerned neighbour who had come to check on them that everything was okay, and with that, thwarting any effort that neighbours would have made to look into the matter, or even save the life of Kelvin, who probably had still not succumbed to his injuries by then.

She then used the chance to escape.

“She told me everything was okay and left. Later on, I came to learn that Kelvin had been killed, but Anne was already gone by then,” said Peris Kimani, the neighbour.

However, even after escaping, she was stuck in Kiambu County because of the lockdown. By then, stories about what she had done were public knowledge, and she knew that her days were numbered. But on 1st May, president Kenyatta addressed the nation and announced that he was lifting the cessation of movement regulation imposed on five counties which included Kiambu.

Anna jumped on the chance and sneaked into Nakuru, something that would have been impossible days earlier.

However, as fate would have it, life on the run proved too hard for her. Having run out of money, food and supplies, by Tuesday, she decided to turn herself in.[0]=AT3_DQphMHQ7pZG2lJ8Vl6d6jx0LF81iAxO-5XHRX_lb-EzEjr8ssVK15u-Dyt7bJd68SP2a5dtxipBPIdpRFW8s2kLX82eNq31FlrCLSyPzexlOw__R6s8yrZdwdOLZBrCsJk0E9cO-D9IuDwDoRc6laSwaLSOzefGYwHID68cM8eE

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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