Otiende Amollo’s surprising vote during BBI debate; he confounds both friends and foes


Considering all the melee and chaos that had been building up between Senior Counsel Otiende Amollo and some members of his party just days prior to yesterday’s late night BBI vote in parliament, all eyes were on the Rarieda member of parliament and what his vote would be, but even more importantly, his submission; what was he going to say before either supporting or opposing.

True to Otiende Amollo fashion, when he took to the floor, he did not disappoint. The man who had earlier on been accused by his Party’s Communications director of unnecessarily speaking too much English was on top form as he dug deeper into the issue and dissected the report in an articulate breakdown.
Giving his submission, he let it known that he was voting in support of the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2020.

After his defiant tone yesterday morning in response to his ouster from the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, some had expected that he would throw caution to the wind and oppose the Bill.

Yesterday, during an interview on Citizen TV, the former government ombudsman said that his removal from JLAC had nothing to do with BBI, but rather, was the work of schemers bent on bringing him down as part of some devious plan that they have against him.
Going as far as taking a shot at Raila’s kitchen cabinet, he threw a veiled jibe at Dennis Onyango, saying that those complaining about him speaking too much English, were the very same ones who were depending on that same English to win cases for the party in the Supreme Court.

He nevertheless made it clear that he was in good terms with the party leader, Raila Odinga, and was in fact in constant communication with him. He said that the schemers behind his woes were acting unilaterally.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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