Speaker Muturi speaks on Purity Mwambia’s salary

The Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi has expressed his concerned about Citizen Tv investigative reporter Purity Mwambia’s salary over her sacrifices in line of her duties. 

Muturi was speaking during the World Press Freedom Day Celebration held by the Media Council of Kenya (MCK) where he noted that the investigative report by Citizen Tv reporter Purity Mwambia was incisive. He however, claimed that the media houses were not rewarding the journalists for their sacrifices. 

“I recently watched Purity Mwambia’s incisive documentary on Citizen and I was both shocked and worried for her for the risks involved and also the courage to go for the story. But in the end, how much do these people take home?” Muturi said.

He also noted corruption in the media industry and urged the government to address vice.

“We must also be candid with each other. The monster of corruption continues to affect all our public and even private institutions.

“We continue to fix the loopholes to strengthen the integrity of our legislative processes. However, time has come for us to address corruption in the media. Not just journalists who take bribes to look the other way but also the quid pro quo between media enterprises and government institutions,” Muturi stated.

The National Assembly Speaker further alleged that the journalist are not facilitated with transport allowance or facilitation fee for their work.

“Let us be serious and honest with ourselves. Pay these reporters well and then demand integrity. Media houses need to adjust to modern business models.

“Employ and keep top reporters and overall be able to keep the public well informed as their watchdog,” he advised.

This is after Mwambia attracted the attention of the nation in her investigative report on Guns Galore exposé in which she revealed how police officers aided crime syndicates by leasing out their weapons and uniforms to thugs.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi




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