Shameful sexual claims that threaten to ruin Betty Barasa’s memory now emerge

In a development that might further add to the agony that the grieving bereaved Betty Barasa’s family is already undergoing, claims of an extra-marital affair, huge influential connections and bureaucratic patronage that is even pulling in a paramilitary unit of the police in the mix, are now beginning to emerge.

The KBC video editor was killed about a month ago in what was initially considered a violent robbery, but has since taken all the markings of a clinical and cold-blooded surgical execution by experienced assassins.

Even at the time of the murder, there were minor details that indicated a personal angle to the incident. The killers only targeted Betty and took her to her bedroom where they then killed her. Before doing so, they took her husband’s wedding ring from his finger, perhaps to ensure she died in shame and not with me honour of a married woman.

The latest allegations come from none other than DCI detectives who spoke off the record. They claim that investigations so far point at involvement of a woman married to a wealthy city tycoon who Betty was having an affair with. The woman apparently also lives in Ngong.

The investigators claim that they’ve already closed in on one of the killers but don’t want to pounce on him just yet and jeopardise chances of recovering the murder weapon; an AK 47 rifle.

It is alleged that the wealthy powerful man had not only aided in her getting big tenders from a government agency, but that he also managed to provide her with protection from the General Service Unit, GSU, which is a paramilitary unit within the police service. Reportedly, even on the night of her death, Betty had earlier been escorted by a GSU officer, who must have then left before she was attacked.

The investigators also say they’ve managed to trace and place the suspect at the crime scene through the tracking of his mobile phone and have traced calls made by the man’s wife to the hired assassins.[0]=AT3db58jYpASCyPThlUmRj3qQp-m0IAIUuhfGSAkFevdPz_-uK-mwPX9Q7sZ_LY1SyRQ8W0pcTx2aw5VN30XkCZpFn3_gBDJE2CaButcUwE6XOOsOK286VohC68weSVT3Bz3BXjdLITtjatXGD89U83Kr1TJQV4FBGi-MfGhbdHVm0Y

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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