How Kitengela men are still grabbing headlines even in death; the twists and turns since bodies discovery.

Even after the confirmed deaths of some of them, the friends who went missing have still managed to keep Kenyans fixated. Since the dramatic discovery of their bodies that resembled a CSI Miami episode, complete with the beach and water, a string of twists, turns and new developments have since kept emerging by the hour.


Over the last two weeks, the missing friends who have come to be known as Kitengela 4 have held the country’s attention, with people keenly following each new development concerning the saga. As their deaths began to be confirmed one by one, even the discoveries themselves kept the nation on a knife’s edge.


It has now finally emerged that, while the men’s whereabouts have been unknown since Monday 19th, their bodies were discovered less than 24 hours after their disappearance.


Even as their whereabouts were discussed and debated, two of them had not only been unearthed, but their bodies had been lying in a morgue since Tuesday the 20th.


A body was reportedly found on Tuesday, April 20, by sand harvesters near Mukungai River along the Murang’a-Iyego-Kangema road.


The body which was not immediately identified as that of Obuong was taken to a morgue in Murang’a and recorded as an unidentified male adult. His body was later identified by his family on 29th, Thursday, at a Murang’a morgue.


An hour later, the body of Benjamin Imbai was identified at the Thika Level Five Hospital mortuary by his family and friends on Wednesday.
The family said they used his beards and a tattoo he had to identify him after his body was collected from a thicket in the area.


As the hourly updates kept unfolding, the tense atmosphere gripped an entire nation.


Once again, an hour later, a third body, earlier presumed to be that of Jack Ochieng was found meters from where the first body was found.

However, by yesterday, Jack’s family had come out to deny that the third body was Jack’s.

Through out all these, two things have at least managed to remain constant.


One, that the body or whereabouts of the fourth man, Brian Oduor, is yet to be found or even speculated on.

Two, shadowy side players who have reportedly played a major role in the episode are yet to come out clearly. One is a mysterious Eriko who is said to have contacted the families and informed them that their kin were already dead, and two, is the feared police vigilante, Hessy, who all but admitted a role in the men’s deaths.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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