Feared alleged police vigilante Hessy admits involvement in deaths of Kitengela 4 in chilling Facebook post

As the curtains finally came down on the Kitengela 4 whose mysterious disappearance and search has been keenly followed by Kenyans, the entire episode has concluded on a harrowing note.


By the time of going to press, three bodies had already been found, and of the three, only one had been positively identified.


Yesterday, at around noon, the body of Elijah Obuong, one of the four friends who mysteriously went missing on Monday, April 19, was found.


Obuong’s body was reportedly found on Tuesday, April 20, by sand harvesters near Mukungai River along the Murang’a-Iyego-Kangema road.


The body which was not immediately identified as that of Obuong was taken to a morgue in Murang’a and recorded as an unidentified male adult. His body was later identified by his family yesterday at the Murang’a morgue. Two bodies that were later found in similar circumstances are suspected of being those of Jack and Benjamin


The Nairobi Crime-Free Society Facebook page run by feared vigilante Hessy who is believed to be a policeman brought all speculation surrounding their deaths to a close when, in a post, he all but admitted involvement in the men’s demise, calling them, among other words, terrorists and kidnappers. He urged Kenyans not to be concerned with such people.

The post read;

Terrorists, rapists, kidnappers, violent robbers and all dirty names that can describe them. Peace loving Kenyans should not be worried about such people’s predicaments. Hii Kanairo lazima itakuwa crime free. #OSCAR_WA_MASHASH_UMOJA, i dont know how you escaped this, coz thiz are your crime and close partners: u normally host them in Umoja, wakivuta shisha hapo kwako coz you feel you are untouchable. Hapo kwako ndio mahali mnafanyia sharing of stolen money and goods but UMOJA PEOPLE FEAR YOU AND YOU SQUAD LIKE HELL… wacha kazidi kutamba! Saigonpunisher James, Shista Shish, Eden Blacksir, Jack Zolo, Blackie Wa Kibra, Brayo Brayo, Crime Ditector, Baba Mateli, Panya Ya Statehouse, do u get worried when a gangster dies in a road accident?

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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