Alice Wahome breaks it down month by month why BBI referendum isn’t possible within remaining time

Kandara member of parliament Alice Wahome dissected all the possible steps that the BBI process will be required to undergo, giving each phase the appropriate monthly timeframe before concluding that the only way the process will be able to sail through is if Parliament’s term, and by implication, Uhuru Kenyatta’s term, is extended.


She began by outlining that at the point the process currently is, it is likely that it will take parliament up to mid May to clear it and have it accented to by the president.


She then opined that it was going to take IEBC not less than a month to prepare an election. This means that the earliest we can have a referendum is August.


Assuming it passes, it will take time for the electoral body to begin and conclude the process of delimitation, by which we will already be in September.

As per the law, the MP argued that Article 89(2) of the Constitution stipulates: “Any review of names and boundaries of constituencies shall be completed at least 12 months before a General Election of MPs.”
The next General Election is on August 8, 2022.

Also, Article 89 (4) of the law, provides: “If a General Election is to be held within 12 months after the completion of a review by the commission, the new boundaries shall not take effect for the purposes of that election.


“Any review which goes beyond August 8 cannot take effect for the purposes of the 2022 General Election.”
The BBI Bill seeks to review this.


The schedule has been disrupted by the pandemic leading to the alteration of the August House calendar.
While the IEBC cites breach of law and timelines, the MPs are also sharply divided on the review of boundaries.


IEBC chair Wafula Chebukati, while presenting the commission’s views before the JLAC, faulted the BBI task force for coming up with the number of the constituencies without their input and said he needs two years to complete the process. 

Alice was speaking on Citizen TV.

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