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Comedian Jalang’o showered with powerful messages and gift as he turns a year older

Veteran Comedian and media personality Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o turned a year older following his birthday, and as a result friends, followers and colleagues decide to appreciate him.

Led by his Milele FM former Co-presenter Alex Mwakideu who went down the memory lane since meeting Jalang’o through the growth of their friendship at work levels to the current brotherhood level.

The two have previously worked at Radio Maisha and Milele Fm before Jalang’o crossed over to join Kiss 100, where they were an indispensable combination.

“From Radio Maisha to Milele FM and now Jenga na Alex na Jalas! From a Colleague to a friend, and now a brother! You have been a blessing all through! Sometimes I just wish people knew you for WHO EXACTLY YOU ARE! Damn it! Phelix Odiwuor Kodhe Otuchi. You are a Blessing! Born to inspire a generation! Your story has not even started! The preview is taking shape so well though! The movie will shock the world! Keep shining bro! Happy Birthday @jalangoo reads Mwakideu’s message to Jalang’o.

His fellow comedian and co-actor Captain Otoyo also took to Instagram wishing his brother Jalang’o a very happy one, crowning it all with a TBT photo of their comedy journey.

“It is my Brother’s birthday. It has taken God to get us here. It will take God for the next big steps.

Team Otosment, Kindly wish Jalas a happy birthday. ?

Happy birthday my Brother. @jalangoo” shared Otoyo.

His Kiss 100 co-host Kamene Goro, also gifted the fanny man a designer perfume, while describing him as the best ever co-host.

“Happy Birthday to the best Co-host ever!!!!!!!! @jalangoo. Checking Birthday Boy!!!!! Help me wish the Homie @jalangoo a Happy Happy Birthday.


Adding; “You have been such a Blessing to My life and so many others! @jalangoo happy birthday to you, to the epic Man you are, The epic Moments we have, and The Epic shit we are going to do!!!! To the memories, To the success!!!! Happy Birthday Wenslaus!”

Actress Sandra Dacha also wrote; “HAPPIEST of BIRTHDAYS to this GENEROUS man of ours. If you are an artist, you know what I mean????

Even now he can get mad and decide to slap me with 50K for wishing him a happy birthday ???? @jalangoo @jalangoo HAPPY BIRTHDAY wuod Kodhe!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY wuon Sally!!!


Team BIGGEST MACHINE kindly help me wish him a good one ?

Comedian Churchill alias Mwalimu King’ang’I also had this to write “Ambia the real @jalangoo something Big..

Because it’s his Big Birthday today .. Heavy J…. We love you so much… Go big or Go home..that’s what you always say. Twende kazi”.

Comedian Obinna also said …. “Waaaaaampoto!!

I’ve been Hoovering around this gentleman for so many years. Learning, Supporting, Critiquing, Motivating etc.

We have a lot of stories to share, a lot of memories and we have also hosted a lot of amazing events and concerts together.

He has been my Dad, Brother, Boss, Friend, Frenemy throughout the process…it’s been a roller coaster of experiences.

I learned how to MC ? from him and many more,I was initially just a Musician ?.


Today he turns 60???? Team OgaObinna let’s wish him many more to come.?????

Happy Birthday Bro. @jalangoo

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    Written by Fred Orido




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