Reality slaps Uhuru; LSK early troubles signal impending hurdles in appointment of IEBC Commissioners

If president Uhuru Kenyatta thought that the battle in appointing the four new IEBC commissioners lies in their ratification, then recent events are slowly getting him accustomed to the fact that the battle will begin much earlier than that.


Already, the Law Society of Kenya, which is one of the bodies that are required to nominate a candidate to the panel that will then identify and forward nominees to the president, can’t agree on a single candidate.


LSK President Nelson Havi said that the council had picked Maurice Kiboye to sit in the IEBC selection panel.
However, the move was denounced by CEO Mercy Wambua.


Wambua said the nomination was “dubious, illegal and dead on arrival”.

She said the nomination violated LSK’s 2020 regulations.


“The council plans to sit on Wednesday to sort through the applications and settle on the nominee to forward to the intended selection panel. Any other purported single-handed nomination is not only irregular but also shameful,” she said.


Wambua said the council was not aware of the nomination by Havi and that “the nominee is going nowhere. She said the society had advertised the slot on April 16 for interested members to apply and that the deadline was April 20.


A splinter group of the council of Law Society of Kenya has since nominated lawyer Dorothy Jemator to be part of the IEBC selection panel.


The group comprises eight council members and are in sharp opposition to the one allied to President Nelson Havi.


Wambua said the society received numerous applications and the council sat on Wednesday to sift through them and settle on the nominee to forward for appointment into the panel.



Jemator has been an advocate of the High Court since 2010, and by the time of going to press, parliament had accepted her name as LSK’s representative.
It is expected that Havi will be going to court.

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