Shamalla claims Ruto put her under surveillance and causes outrage from Ichungwa


Nominated Jubilee party member of parliament and vocal Uhuru Kenyatta defender, lawyer Jennifer Shamalla, caused outrage after she sensationally claimed that Deputy President William Ruto, back in 2017, once had her trailed and even put people on her to monitor her activities.


The stunning remarks attracted a fierce response from Kikuyu legislator Kimani Ichungwa, who sought to clarify the issue, by briefly and simply declaring that Jennifer Shamalla was lying. Despite this rebuttal, Shamalla stuck to her guns and maintained her claims.


She even went further to impute Jubilee’s current woes to the deputy president’s underhanded dealings, asserting that Ruto was holding meetings to discuss his presidency before even Uhuru had been sworn in.
Shamalla was speaking on Citizen TV’s weekly show Jeff Koinange Live, hosted by veteran journalist, Jeff Koinange.


Jeff had just asked what exactly led to the fallout between Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, and Shamalla offered to answer.


She said that when they were called for their first ever PG meeting after the 2017 general elections, she was at Serena. She went on to further say that when she was leaving Serena to go attend the Jubilee PG, she ran into a man she had never seen before, and the two struck a lively conversation.

He apparently knew a lot about her family and asked how Mike, her brother, was holding on. Shamalla says this endeared her to him even more.
However, when she arrived at State House, she found the president furious.


The president was enraged because, apparently, his deputy had not only began working on his own 2022 run, but had even organised a meeting of his loyalists at Serena earlier in the day.


Shamalla said this is when it all began coming to her. She recalled the stranger who knew details about her back at Serena and realised it hadn’t been a chance meeting.

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