Sifuna now puts a new spin on the Oparanya issue; was Ruto being played?

Last week, during Ruto’s famous interview conducted by Linus Kaikai from his Karen residence, the Deputy President dropped what was undoubtedly considered a bombshell by many.



Responding to an enquiry about whether his meeting with Oparanya had anything to do with possible talks between him and Raila, he produced a shocker that it had nothing to do with Raila, and not only that but that he had previously met the deputy ODM party leader 5 times.



Many took this to mean that Oparanya had been conducting activities that can easily be considered as disloyal towards his boss.


However, yesterday, when asked about the issue, the Secretary General of the Orange Democratic Movement party Edwin Sifuna had a totally different perspective.



In a display of unquestionable respect to Oparanya, before even answering the question, he began by pledging his respect to him since he is his deputy party leader. He then went ahead to state that no where, either in the country’s constitution, or even in the Party’s constitution, is it indicated that Oparanya needs to seek Raila’s permission before meeting Ruto, or any other leader for that matter.



However, it was Mr. Sifuna’s explanation of what was happening behind the scenes during the meetings between Oparanya and Ruto that came as a surprise, catching many unawares.



Sifuna said that through out his engagements with Ruto, not once did the Kakamega governor ever try to be furtive about it. He said that Oparanya had always been open and transparent about his interactions, and always reported any discussion he had taken part in with the DP to the party’s Central Committee.



Interestingly, ever since Ruto’s assertion about their secret and unilateral meetings last week, Oparanya is yet to talk about the issue. This is despite the fact that Ruto seemed to contradict all that Oparanya had said earlier.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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