Linturi responds to claims that Tuju plans to revoke Jubilee-UDA agreement

For a while now, the political grapevine has been awash with rumours that the Jubilee party leadership intends to revoke the inter-party working agreement that it has with UDA, which was formally known as PDR.



Yesterday, Meru Senator and staunch DP supporter, Mithika Linturi had this question put to him, and his response was a clear indication of the plan UDA has in case it ceases being a sister party to Jubilee.



Ever since the launch of the United Democratic Alliance party in early January this year, tanga tanga members have been able to avoid accusations of having violated the parties act by flaunting the fact that UDA is a sister party to Jubilee and so has similar aspirations to the mother party.



However there have been rumours that Jubilee plans to peel away this insulation from them by terminating the working relationship that the party has with UDA.



When this was put to Mithika Linturi, he was categorical in clarifying that he has never ceased being a member of Jubilee. He said that whatever happened to UDA wouldn’t make him stop being a member of Jubilee. However, he was sure to add that even if the working agreement with Jubilee was terminated, they wouldn’t stop talking and cooperating with parties that are friendly to Jubilee.



This is an indication that if the ruling party deserts its agreement with UDA, tanga tanga MPs are likely not to bite the bait, but will rather remain in Jubilee and find a loophole that allows them relations with other friendly parties.
The United Democratic Alliance, associated with Deputy President William Ruto was formally registered in the first week of this year, ushering in some political glee.



Initially, the UDA party was formerly the Party of Development and Reform and later changed its name in accordance with the Political Parties Act.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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