Honeymoon over? Sifuna’s scathing attack announces possible return to ODM-Ruto frosty relationship.

For a while now, the nasty relationship between The Orange Democratic Movement party, and the camp allied to the Deputy President popularly known as Tanga Tanga, has seemed to undergo a thawing.



Each side has appeared to go easy on the bitter words and harsh criticism that they’ve usually reserved for each other. All this has been happening amidst rumours of a possible working arrangement being crafted by Raila Odinga and William Ruto behind the scenes.


These rumours have been further prompted by a string of events which include a meeting between Oparanya and Ruto, prior to which Ruto, in a Radio Interview, insinuated working with Raila in the future.


However, if the latest statements by the ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna are anything to go by, then it seems there might be a reversal of the improved relations.


Speaking yesterday on Citizen TV’s Daybreak which was hosted by Sam Gituku, Sifuna responded to statements made recently by the DP using very strong terms.


When asked what his thoughts were about Ruto’s recent interview with Linus Kaikai, he began by saying it was quite ironic for the DP to dismiss Murathe as a non-entity, but then go on to cry like a baby that Murathe is the reason behind all his woes. He said that what any competent worker in an organisation does upon having a fallout with the boss, is to resign.


Dismissing what he termed as “The DP’s narrative” that it is the handshake that derailed Jubilee’s development projects, he wondered how a project such as the handshake could make the bags of cement that had been bought for housing go stale, or how it could make the bags of fertilizer they had bought for food security go bad.


He finished by throwing a barb at DP Ruto’s unofficial spokesman Caleb Kositany who had earlier said that the DP would finally be a good experiment on how not to treat a deputy.


Sifuna said that DP Ruto’s insistence on staying put instead of resigning was turning him in a very expensive experiment.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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