Nandi Governor Sang On The Spot Over Changáa Business Involving Minors

Nandi county governor Stephen Sang could be in the face of a storm over illicit brew business that involves underage girls in his county and continues to thrive right under his nose. In a viral post making rounds on Facebook, the governor is accused of turning a blind eye on the illicit business that is overseen by his close aides.

More shocking is the fact that underage girls who dropped out of the school are part of the illegal enterprise that is fast-spreading in Nandi county.

Here is a sample of the viral post obtained by our news desk;

As the president tightens the grip around bars operations around the country during this curfew period, it seems that in Nandi county its business as usual, as the one man Changaa cartel has taken advantage of his associations to not only intimidate and curtail other legal traders, but he has used his association to the county to get away with crime of selling changaa to school going children at EMOS technical together with his family including a respectable grandmother, who should be advising young men on this illicit brew instead she is the one serving it.

If you think him muzzling other legit businesses in Emos is bad enough, then the video of his young under age girl serving customers changaa at his den will leave nothing but a total bad taste in your mouth.

It is not only bad enough that for one to trade in EMOS he or she has to see him “on the side” for a license to be approved by the sub county , but what even worse and ungodly is that this demigod has used his association with the high and mighty to frustrate everyone trying to give his illegal business competition.

We now call upon the administration police and the Governor to free our children from this illegal trade and protect the girl child from the claws of the father. Can you imagine what a drunk man would do to such a young girl who is barely 12 years at a changaa den!! Close down the den and free traders from SOLOMON TARUS!!

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    Written by Osoro Jnr

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