Ruto top ally finally admits that Oparanya meeting with Ruto was planned

Less than 24 hours after two senior members of both the Orange Democratic Movement, and tanga tanga appeared to read from the same script in denying that there was any political intentions behind the Oparanya-Ruto meeting, a senior member of the faction has now come out to contradict this.


On Tuesday night, ODM Chairman, who also happens to be Suba South member of parliament, Hon. John Mbadi, together with close Ruto ally and Elgeyo Marakwet senator Kipchumba Murkomen, both categorically declared that there was absolutely no plan or dealings whatsoever that were going on behind the scenes between the deputy president and the former Prime Minister.


However, things now seem to be taking a slightly different direction after the deputy president’s own Communications Adviser came out to contradict this.

Mr. Barrack Muluka said that those trying to downplay Oparanya’s meeting with the second in command could continue doing so until the cows come back home, but this wasn’t going to change the facts on the ground that something was indeed cooking.


Muluka was speaking this yesterday on KTN News during a late night political show hosted by Ken Mijungu. He was appearing alongside city lawyer, Steve Ogolla.

The Commutations strategist went ahead to reveal interesting plans that Ruto and Raila are apparently working on.

Describing William Ruto as an exceptional mobiliser and grassroots organiser, he said that these were qualities which Raila Odinga possessed too.
He said that the reason many people were so uncomfortable with the union between these two was because if they decided to put their capabilities to use and settled on Oparanya as a candidate, no one else would stand a chance.

Such a scenario would not only completely change the political dynamics presently at play, but would also serve to curtail the ambitions of some major political players. Mudavadi, for instance, has been working hard on cementing his grip on the Western Kenya region.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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