IMF discloses what the government has been telling them privately about Kenyans

It is now emerging that the government might have decided to take the angry online protestors head on, and feed the international lender body with its own version of events to counter what has been going on online.


In a bid to appear more creditworthy and in charge of a sizeable employed population that can provide the much needed revenue in case the government increases taxes so as to ramp up income, the government has been privately seeking to improve its image by discrediting information provided by employer bodies.


For weeks now, Kenyans have been venting their anger towards their government on the internet, even going as far as seeking to petition the International Monetary Fund to cancel the 255 Billion loan that it had agreed to loan the country.


Citing the numerous incidents of plunder and mismanagement that have plagued the government in the past whenever it has come to the usage of both donor funds and locally generated revenue, Kenyans have presented their frustrations to the international lending body, urging it to reconsider its dealings with the Kenyan government.


However, going by the government’s latest communication to the IMF, it appears the government has decided to fight fire with fire. It has gone on the offensive, and Kenyans employers have found their name being tossed around in the ongoing to and fro between the government and its populace.

According to information disclosed by the IMF, top officials at the National Treasury and Central Bank of Kenya told the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that the high unemployment numbers given by employers were false.

“They (Kenyan authorities) pointed to the high level of uncertainty and difficulties in capturing recent developments in economic statistics as traditionally compiled, noting that reported downturns in manufacturing and employment may have been overstated,” said the IMF in a detailed report on the Sh253 billion credit facility that Kenya received earlier on.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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