CJ selection; Awkward moment as Philomena Mwilu vets her school mate.

”Is it true that you never get angry?” That was just one of the weird instances that unfolded when acting Chief Justice, Philomena Mwilu took to vetting Patricia Mbote, towards the tail end of yesterday’s session of vetting candidates for the Chief Justice position.

Tuesday marked day two for the Judicial Service Commission panel, led by Olive Mugenda, that is vetting the candidates shortlisted for the Chief Justice position to succeed former CJ, David Maraga.

Yesterday presented quite a unique and rare spectacle after it became the case that the applicant, who in this case was Patricia-Kameri Mbote, was a former school mate to not just one of the panelists, but also the acting Chief Justice, Philomena Mwilu.

As the questions drew to an end, it was Mwilu’s turn to ask questions.

She began by saying that she had heard Patricia was a very cool person, and proceeded to ask her whether she ever got angry at all.

Patricia, who must have been taken aback by the question just like everyone else, said that she doubted whether there was anyone on Earth who doesn’t get angry.

Then, in a move that might be perceived as having been intended to give Patricia a platform to showcase her magnanimity, Philomena Mwilu asked her about an incident which had taken place earlier at Strathmore College, in the Law department.

In the incident, 3 students who Patricia Mbote was teaching allegedly decided to take some of her writings and include them in a book which they later published.

They did this without her permission, and when she found out what they had done, she took up the issue with the school. However, seeing that the whole case was turning out to be more trouble than it was worth, she decided to walk away from it all, and let it be.

When Mbote spoke, she more or less, confirmed this version of events, saying the theft of her work was a setback that she took in her stride. She said she decided she wasn’t going to be bogged down by lost work yet she still possessed a brain that could produce more such material.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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