Mutahi Ngunyi Predicts Ruto’s Imminent Fall Come 2022

Deputy President William Ruto has once again been warned of a possible failure in the 2022 elections, where he will be vying for the presidential seat. So confident of a win is the DP and his allies, that they have been telling off their critics, saying that they have the support of the majority of Kenyans and are, therefore, unstoppable.

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi, however, has rubbished the DP’s said political might, saying that one of the reasons why he will lose is because he has chosen to work alone. For him, Ruto is trying to lead a revolution, something that is never achieved by a lone ranger, adding that his decision not to play the ethnic political game is his other blunder, which will surely hand him a loss.

“Revolutionaries are not lone rangers, they are a cabal of people who move together,” Ngunyi whose prophesies have repeatedly landed him under criticism, told The Sunday Standard.

For him, politics in Kenya are won on ethnic grounds, opining that Ruto’s decision to introduce a class contest; the Hustlers Versus Dynasties, will cost him. He also says that the DP has made a mistake by falling out with the people who make presidents, in an apparent reference to the said ‘deep state’.

He states by by choosing to instead work with the voters, who, according to him, only vote but don’t decide who takes over, Ruto has made a wrong move. According to Ngunyi, it is the vote counters who decide, after being told what to do by a group of faceless people who sit in a boardroom and decide who rules the country after their initial pick.

“The man who becomes king is made and he is made by a cartel of interests. He is made to take care of the interest of the group of people who we don’t even know what their faces look like, sit in a board and decide who to support,” he says.

Ruto last year admitted that he indeed doesn’t have the liking of members of the said ‘deep state’, stating that there could be seen attempts to rig him out in 2022. He, however, maintained that he will carry on, expressing confidence that God and the people will hand him the victory he seeks.

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