The week that was; how CS Matiang’I mourned a killer cop, and no one complained

This week witnessed perhaps one of the biggest blunders ever to have been committed by a member of the cabinet, and what was even more surprising is that, the former University don didn’t receive even a single grain of criticism for it.


The country woke up to the disturbing news on Wednesday morning that a GSU officer attached to the Interior CS’s security detail had died.

In the initial stages details were still scanty, and so, when the public saw Dr. Fred Matiang’I’s tweet, the initial assumption was that maybe the officer had been felled while in the line of duty, or he and his wife had met a tragic misfortune occasioned by ill luck.
Matiang’I’s tweet read,

I am deeply pained by the tragic incident involving PC Hudson Wakise and his wife PC Pauline Wakasa both young and vibrant Police officers with brilliant futures tragically ended in their shocking demise,” the CS tweeted.
 … young officers that we have no choice but to now pay greater attention to. My sincere condolences to their families and friends.
— Dr. Fred Matiang’i (@FredMatiangi)

However, as more details began to trickle out, the more difficult it became to reconcile between the heinous actions of the late officer Hudson Wakise, and the man that Matiang’I had just mourned as a “young and vibrant” officer with a “brilliant” future” and even sent his “sincere condolences”.

It emerged that Hudson Wakise who had separated days earlier from his wife Pauline Wakasa, who was also an officer, but with the traffic department, killed his wife before killing himself.

According to Gloria Mulongo, Pauline’s sister, Hudson came earlier but didn’t find Pauline and so he left. He came back later when Pauline had arrived, and they had a brief talk in the bedroom.


When they came out, they appeared to still have unresolved issues among them and so whatever argument they were having in the bedroom spilled over into the sitting room, and it was during this exchange that Hudson shot his defenseless wife seven times, before shooting himself.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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