Strange ritualistic behaviour of the killers before they shot Betty Barasa

Since the chilling murder of KBC video editor Betty Barasa on Wednesday in her Kajiado home by armed gunmen, authorities and investigative agencies have been trying to put together the pieces, and figure out what motive might have led to the cold-blooded execution.

Nevertheless, fresh attention is now being focused on some of the actions of the killers, which have been found to be not just unusual, but also pretty unsettling.

Most conspicuous in this string of curious actions is what the killers are reported to have done just seconds before emptying their bullets into the body of the defenceless KBC journalist.

According to her husband, immediately after the thieves were able to gain access into the house, they rounded up everyone. These included the husband himself, the couple’s children and other family members.

It is reported that they then led away Betty into her bedroom where it is suspected that they must have made some demands of their own.

It is worth noting that they didn’t demand for money or any valuables from the husband, who by now, had been also directed some metres away from the rest of the captives.

The late Betty’s husband told the media that it even got to a point where he was pleading with them to take money but not harm anyone since a lifeless corpse wasn’t going to be of any benefit to them.

The husband said that the killers then made him to raise up his left hand.

Struggling to overcome the grief that had engulfed him as he spoke, he said that one member of the gang, who also appears to have been the ringleader, took off his wedding ring from his ring finger.

Moments after this, they heard loud shots from the bedroom, after which one of the killers came out and confirmed, “Tumemaliza” (we are done).

Betty’s husband says that they then pushed him into the kitchen together with the others, collected some things, and left.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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