Details of DP Ruto’s only options as Uhuru-Raila renewed bromance dwindle succession hopes

As the race for the succession of President Uhuru Kenyatta heats up with the emergence of one Kenya alliance one man in Deputy President William Ruto has found himself hanging in the balance.

The DP is left with tough options to make after the recently renewed friendship between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga and the possibility of a merger in the recently formed one Kenya outfit.

Reports indicate that the new alliance has the blessings of President Kenyatta who is reportedly on the verge of enjoining Raila in the pact ahead the 2022.

Confirming the statement former roads Minister Frankline Bett said that the BBI push by the President and the ODM leader was to accommodate the members of the one Kenya alliance.

“I am seeing a situation where there will be negotiations between Raila and One Kenya with the President playing an active role in the background when the juggling settles,” he said.

This leaves the second in command with the two options of either joining the alliance for new negotiations or lonesome head to the ballot against the one Kenya alliance.

Bett added that all roads heads to blocking the DP from succeeding his boss in 2022, with almost everyone finding an enemy in him, leaving him a loner.

“Ruto is a lone ranger, it is quite tough for him going forward,” Bett said, insisting that his options are thinning out.

The recent secret meeting between President Uhuru and the Coastal governors at the statehouse is gossiped to be clipping his wings in the region by taming his regional influence on bigwigs.

The agenda of the closed door meeting has remained secret to date with the leaders keeping to themselves about it to date.

His biggest critic from the Rift-valley region confirmed that the DP faces the toughest time of his political career.

“Ruto is a man at the crossroads. I see a man who is hopeless and a lone ranger,” Kuttuny said, adding the DP’s camp could have been stunned by the Raila-Uhuru rapprochement.

“For a long time, he has adopted scavenging as his survival tactic. He has been the hyena waiting for the hand to fall. But it appears the hand may not fall any time soon. He looks like someone who never expected what is happening,” Said Joshua Kutuny.

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