Europeans fly drone over Ruto’s house, moments after he takes Russian vaccine

Following yesterday’s dramatic events which saw developments that resembled espionage and covert operations, fears are now rife concerning the DP, and whether he might have gotten himself entangled in a mesh of international geopolitics, considering that, within a space of hours, he had brushed with two centres of global power.

This isn’t the first time that DP Ruto is finding his name thrust in the murky world of Eastern Europe operations.

Last year, his office was adversely mentioned during a failed fake arms deal that involved former Sports CS Rashid Echesa, and some personalities from Poland.

Yesterday, (earlier in the day) Ruto had the Russian vaccine Sputnik administered to him in a public spectacle, despite the fact that Sputnik has caused controversy both abroad where medical regulatory bodies haven’t collectively given it clearance, and locally where there has been debate about whether the Pharmacy and Poisons board gave it clearance.

Nairobi police commander Augustine Nthumbi said investigators, including officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) yesterday confiscated a drone and its memory cards belonging to 37-year-old British national Hind Jeremy.

Jeremy, who is Ruto’s immediate neighbor, recorded a statement with the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) over the incident.

The police boss added that the data in the recovered storage accessories found in the drone will assist investigators to establish what it was being used for.

“The officers went to the home and recovered the drone after which it was confiscated. Today morning I summoned the owner of that drone, he came to my office and our investigators led by the Regional DCI Commander Bernard Nyakwaka took up the investigations,” Nthumbi said.

He added, “Now we wait for the investigations because our teams on the ground, that is DCI officers inclusive of ATPU and the NIS, are going to look at the memory cards inside that device to see whatever it has. No cause for worry.”

Jeremy told investigators that his friends who visited him were reportedly using the drone to record a video of his new home.

The incident was reported to police by the DP’s wife Mama Rachel Ruto after she saw the device in the compound at around 3pm.

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