Arithmetic skills; DP’s confusing calculation how each of the projected 500,000 housing units would have given 4M youths jobs

Deputy President William Ruto has repeatedly been referred to as a spin doctor that will turn and twist an issue and present it to you in a format you can barely understand, let alone argue against. Whether this characterisation of the DP is true or not remains debatable.

However, this week Dr.Ruto made some unusual mathematical calculations which ended up leaving more questions unanswered than before.

The DP was speaking on Radio Citizen’s morning show which interviewed him from his Karen residence in an hour long conversation.

William Ruto was expounding on the genesis and progression of the big four agenda, when he decided to concentrate on the housing angle of the four agendas.
Outlining their original vision as Jubilee, the DP said that the Housing pillar of the big-4 agenda was a flagship program.

Interestingly, he said that under the housing program, the houses themselves weren’t even the main priority, but rather, the process through which the houses were to come by was what was important.

”While, of course, the finished product would have been decent houses in which people would have found a good place to live, the fact that the building of the houses would have provided youths with employment is what was most important”

The DP then went ahead to give a mathematical break down of how exactly the houses would have been of economic benefit in terms of labour.

He said that since each house required about 8 builders, and the plan entailed 500,000 units, then this would have translated to around 4 million jobs.

While this sounds accurate on the surface, the only problem is that this can only be true if the houses were to be built simultaneously across Kenya at the same time, with 4 million construction workers spread across the country building.

The big-4 Housing pillar blueprint had broken down the housing project into phases, which means that the contractor that would have been given the job to construct the houses would have done it phase by phase using the same workers.

If, for instance, the contractor had ten thousand workers, then it’s the same ten thousand workers that would have constructed the 500, 000 units, phase by phase.[0]=AT1lVOv0Zv_TchYHEoIVzR74Xsxie1HGS_aQUtIrrCqY27Lgj8JGTHgocO2Rsi7QOkP0WEdNnay2FSv6tPvEJxSec52OLUkTtGaHXATfONGj8MOu-N95h96X4PwUe4H_3z6fwx0Fn6Yx-XK8M7RFWEjo0ZOoqvt3oeRbZcf83VDPRuM

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    Written by Joshua Wanga





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