Ruto bombshell; the only issue am ready to work with Raila on is about the Sacred Alliance.

It has been predicted for a while now that as the country moves closer and closer towards the 2022 general elections, major political alignments and realignments will begin at fall into place.
Hours ago, perhaps in the biggest political announcement that this year has seen, the Deputy President has given the clearest indication yet so far about his possible working relationship with Raila, and the issues which their relationship may be restricted to.


The DP was speaking on Radio Citizen’s morning show which interviewed him live from his Karen residence in an hour plus long conversation with Citizen’s Vincent Ateya as the host.

The interview touched on many issues, ranging from the BBI to the big four agenda and even the Harambee Stars game that is scheduled to take place today evening starting from 7.
As the interview headed towards the latter stages, Vincent Ateya asked the DP whether there was any scenario in which he could foresee himself working with the former Prime Minister.

While not giving an outright no or yes, Ruto revisited an earlier exposition he had given while expounding on his economic model plan; a bottoms up approach that entails empowering the poor so that their financial growth can expand and finally reach the rich.

He said that he was open to work with anyone, as long as that person was willing to support his economic, social and political aspirations which he believes can help Kenyans.

This was essentially a subtle no as it basically meant that he could only work with Raila if he agrees to support him.


However, Ruto then went ahead to clarify that although he has ideological differences with Raila, the one part which they see eye to eye on is concerning national politics and the need for an all inclusive national party as opposed to tribal parties. He said he was in line with Raila’s views that the coalition which is being fronted by his NASA counterparts, and christened the Sacred Alliance was taking Kenya backwards.–_9GhEOw-ReJO31-jFtbJFdAlT3G8pbiEsK0NC-51-nUSTj1-oQLpX-1HXzoE0rkVT4qioTR54A&__tn__=H-R&c[0]=AT3dk5_elBqqmX2ToXXMbT3tSR_C-uz5BxUGV4nOyYnl9KQFWAiSVPhBDeRTsFQVpZj4yBZ19fR8wmYnNwMtCnXZEXrsbuwTwKjH8E1cORfqT0mOpQMvj1H7UdVl7daXKUgW2lLg9wX9Uoo7-EAeR-OEBNup9wJFcsGHHiAkDrhxYtY

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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