Moses Kuria’s message to Uhuru after attending Magufuli’s state funeral mass

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria has hit out at President Uhuru Kenyatta heaping praises on him for his strictness and how he has handled the Covid-19 situation since it all began.

Taking to his social media page Kuria lauded President Kenyatta for his unpopular decision on handling the virus while comparing the situation in Kenya and Tanzania.

“President Kenyatta has handled the pandemic way much more responsibly than we care to credit him. He took very unpopular decisions like lockdown etc even as we interpreted his every move as political. Mr. President, I salute you. I will always give credit where it’s due and criticize where necessary” Wrote Moses Kuria.

Kuria blamed the Tanzania situation that has seen a number of top government officials dead on the laxity of the authorities to implement measures to curb the situation.

“But I have to say this. I believe that Magufuli has not died of Corona Virus. He has died out of an extreme attack of stupidity.” Continued Kuria.

The lawmaker is a survivor of Covid-19 and has much to say about the disease having been admitted at the Karen hospital for over 3 weeks due to the virus.

During his hospitalization, Kuria warned on lowering the guards while acknowledging the efforts of the front health care and line workers in fighting the pandemic.

“I really hope that beyond all the debate around Covid-19, all and sundry will not forget that Coronavirus is real. 

“The worst thing we can do is to lower our guard! And above all, let us remember our gallant front-line workers,” Kuria said.

Moses who has constantly been accused of being President Kenyatta’s snitch has constantly refuted the claims with his previous post refusing the mole claims.

“In a country that looks at everything using political and partisan lenses I know this will be misinterpreted and the usual ones will call me a mole,” Moses Added.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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