How corporates ruin lifelong friendships; Eric Omondi and Churchill set up for major clash tomorrow

Wars and rivalries of blue Chip companies have been known to, over the years, pull in onlookers who aren’t related whatsoever to the tussle, and make them just as bitter opponents of each other as they themselves are, and something similar will be happening in the next twenty-four hours, or thereabouts.

Just to put things into context, Dan Ndambuki AKA Churchill, is considered the father of modern comedy in Kenya, and Eric Omondi is considered his first born.
Eric Omondi himself has never shied away from this fact, and always announces in public how he owes a big part of his success to Eric. He has repeatedly narrated the hilarious story of how he first met Churchill and nagged him for a spot on his show, and how this finally metamorphed into a successful career.

However, tomorrow evening, their long-standing friendship is set to be put to test.

Eric Omondi has just landed one of the biggest TV shows, on one of the biggest TV stations in the country. The new show, The Big Quiz, is set to premier tomorrow on KTN Home.

The biggest problem here is that the bosses at Standard Group thought it wise to slot Eriko’s new show at the exact same day and time with Churchill’s show.

This isn’t the first time such a thing is happening. Years ago, Eriko abruptly announced his departure from the Churchill show and weeks later, he appeared on KTN with a new show titled hawayu. Although, unfortunately, the show was a flop, fortunately, it ended up cementing the friendship of the two funnymen, as Eriko ran back to Churchill, and Churchill graciously welcomed him back.

Since the Corona pandemic struck and new restrictive measures were put in place, Churchill’s show is among the TV shows that have taken the hardest hit due to the limit on the number of people in social gatherings. The revolutionary comedian has now taken to interviewing guests in a one on one model. KTN’s move to air a new show at the same time will undoubtedly be seen as a strategic plan to take advantage of Churchill’s misery and grab the Sunday prime time while it is available.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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