Burundian president’s unusual condolence message to Tanzanian people.

Tanzania’s former president John Pombe Maghufuli’s death has without a doubt, left in its wake, a multitude of contrasting reactions.

While some have praised him for being steadfast and unrelenting in his quest to do what’s right, others like Tanzania’s opposition leader Tundu Lissu have seemed to be indifferent to his death. Likewise, while most of the condolence messages sent in memory and honour of the departed head of state have been professionally done and draped in formality, others seemed hurriedly done, and the end result was a shoddy clip reeking of poor workmanship. The Burundian president’s message is one particular one.

When president Evariste Nyayeshimiye sent a message of condolence to the Tanzanian people over the loss of their president, it was no doubt in good faith. After all, the country has quite a rich history with Tanzania.

Tanzania has always acted like a big brother to Burundi, protecting it from any foreign threats by hostile neighbours, and even internal adversaries. The most famous of this is the failed coup against the former president Pierre Nkurinziza, who was purported to have been overthrown while attending a summit in Tanzania. The country continued to treat him respectfully and accord him all state honours, despite the coup planners back in Burundi claiming they had overthrown him. Tanzanian authorities assisted him to get back to Burundi, from where he launched a formidable campaign that saw him regain power.

Nevertheless, when president Evariste Nyayeshimiye to took his presidential stand to offer his condolences, he left a lot to be desired. While, granted, his Kiswahili was excellent, and one would hardly believe that it was the president of a Francophone country speaking, the environment of the video was embarrassing.

The mastering of the clip itself wasn’t good, and the sound quality was poor. However, what shocked everyone is that in the middle of his statement, State House operatives can be heard coughing loudly and chatting as they walk around!

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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