Campaign mode; Charles Owino personally takes up case of a viewer in the middle of an interview.

In the years gone by, Police spokesman Charles Owino has been the object of people’s anger with the Police. Countless times, he has gone in front of the cameras and defended the indefensible, contradicting things that people had clearly seen on their TV screens with their own eyes.

However, barely a month after announcing his political intentions, the Police spokesman seems to already be on course for damage control, and recently, he pulled a stunt that two years ago nobody would have predicted him doing.

Owino was on Citizen TV’s morning show, Daybreak, and was being hosted by Trevor Ombija.

They spoke over a wide range of issues, and when it got to the last segment, they started a Q and A.
A viewer by the name Waititu sent in message saying that he had been beaten and injured by a person who is well known in their locale. However, Waititu said that when he went to report the assault case, he was told by the officers at the station that he first had to go and get a P3 form from a hospital. Waititu said that he did it begrudgingly, but when he now returned with the P3 form, the suspect had gotten wind of what was happening and went into hiding. Waititu said he hasn’t been seen since then.
When Owino responded, no one could have expected him to do what he did next.

He said that he couldn’t prosecute a case on air, and so he urged the fellow to send him his details so that he could personally look into the matter.

With that settled, Owino said that the bulk of cases which police receive have to do with assault, but what people don’t understand is assault comes in different ways, and also handled differently. He said there is the common assault which involves the everyday scuffles, then there’s the assault which leads to injurious harm, then there is that which involves maiming, and is much worse.

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Written by Joshua Wanga


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