Khalwale’s hilarious explanation of what actually happened between Echesa and the IEBC official

Kenyan politicians have a well-known record of not just doublespeak, but also putting a complete spin on something that is as clear as daylight to all and sundry.

Memes have even been created on account of their behaviour, the most popular one being a corruption of Uhuru’s famous words, “Sikusema kumi yangu na kumi yako, nilisema yangu kumi, na yako ngumi”

The latest one to try and put an incredible spin on what is an outright and indefensible happening is former Kakamega senator, Bonny Khalwale.

According to Bonny Khalwale, the incident that was captured on camera, and which has been widely shared, that purportedly shows former Sports CS Rashid Echesa slapping an IEBC official, has been misunderstood by Kenyans. According to Khalwale, Echesa wasn’t slapping the man, but rather, having a heated argument with him, where the former sports CS is simply gesturing hysterically.

Bonny Khalwale who was speaking on a morning show in a local media house, also went ahead to defend Rashid Echesa, heaping blame on the IEBC official who he accused of engaging in conduct that was meant to compromise the integrity of the poll.

The shocking incident which happened on March 4th in Matungu caused an uproar among many people including the IEBC chair, Chebukati, who came to the aid of his personnel, condemning the former CS in strong terms.

Echesa subsequently went into hiding where the police service was unable to trace him despite launching an intense manhunt.
The police eventually resorted to declaring the once parliamentary seat hopeful an armed and dangerous fugitive, and this is what was able to finally smoke him out, as he handed himself over to the police.

Yesterday, he was presented before Magistrate Patricia Gichuhi at the Kiambu law courts where the prosecution asked that he be detained for a couple of more days, as he would interfere with investigations if he was released on bail, while his defense team, led by criminal lawyer Cliff Ombeta, defended his right to bail, complaining that it was unfair that he was being charged in Kiambu to begin with, yet the alleged incident happened in Kakamega.

The case is expected to be decided today at 11 AM.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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